And you took me in the waves love, you took me, Oh
You took me from the grave, love
Bless you're soul
I could not escape your sound, it shuddered and it shook me home
And now l'll hear your song forever

To be seen is a blessing beyond words; a colliding of skies and twisting of shores
it swept in on me as if the sky eddied stars and wrapped them around in a blanket of storm, the way it's onslaught funnels into one raging, gushing, violently beautiful engulfing stream.

I hear your song forever..

No I am no ashamed love, to break in two
and petal out in flowers because of you
I don't want to escape this fate as it shudders and shakes my soul
and I will hold this dream forever

My dreams are broken open and my heart is over filled I watch as venus rises and watch as I am felled; my unborn blood; my winged blood spilled
Pushed the water through what I once had thought was killed; these glassen veins now crystalline reigns, pressed out and pulsing in filligreed chains
and now I'll hear this song forever..

So I will hold this dream forever..



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Kyrstyn Pixton California

Kyrstyn Pixton is a Bay Area based songwriter and producer— Something of a singular phenomenon, she is on a mission to merge the subtlety and heart of vocally-based composition with the enveloping production and danceability of electronica. Creating unique live shows that blend piano, voice, electronics, and even impromptu songs from audience participation, her music is re-playable and well loved. ... more

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